Depending upon the circumstances, an adoption may begin as a trial adoption. The purpose of the trial adoption is to allow the adoptor and animal to get to know each other, and determine if they are the right match before signing the adoption agreement. Please understand that there is always a adjustment period when an animal is adopted, as it must adjust to a new family and new home. The purpose of the trial adoption is not to allow an adoptor to "try out" an animal, it is to ensure that the animal is a suitable match for the home and adoptor before it is adopted permanently. When animals are placed in trial adoptions, a GRAB volunteer will be in regular contact with the adoptor, in an attempt to resolve any issues that may arise. As a failed trial adoption is stressful on the animal, we attempt to resolve all issues that arise in the hopes of making the majority of trial adoptions turn into permanent adoptions. However, if the animal is simply not a match for the adoptor, they can return the animal and have much of their adoption donation returned. Currently all but $50 is returned to the adoptor, as we do incur expenses in placing animals on trial adoptions.

Cats are more likely to be placed directly into final adoptions, unless the adoptor has particular concerns (such as compatibility with other pets).

The most important thing to understand about adopting a pet is that they all go through a huge adjustment when moving into a new home. Adoptors must be willing to allow their new pet time to adjust to the new routine in order for the adoption to work.

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