Fuzzy and her friend Star were rescued from one of the cat colonies we have helped to manage. These two girls were friendly with their caregiver and he felt that they would do well adopted into a home. One of our foster homes has taken them in and they are now ready for adoption!

** From Star's Foster Mom **

Starry has been living in my home as a foster since 2009. She was about 6 months old when she first arrived together with Fuzzy. As a feral she was not used to living in a home and it took her quite a while to adapt to the point where she did not hide in the basement anymore.

Currently, she feels safe enough to walk through the home at will and take her food whenever the mood strikes. She loves to eat and will try to steal things from your plate, if you happen to leave it unattended. She loves cheese and cold cuts and will beg for them anytime she smells them. She is very persistent when it comes to sharing my yogurt at breakfast time. As soon as she hears me scraping the bottom of the container – there she is!!! That is the only occasion she will come near enough to put her paws on my leg, and stand there until she is allowed to clean out the tiny container. As she enjoys her yogurt she will gracefully allow you to pet her, brush her and stroke her. She will purr and purr until she is done with the container. As soon as that is empty, she’s gone. She is the only cat in my home who will beg for cookies every morning as I get ready to leave for work – and she has quite the little voice.

Starry is very undemanding. She gets along with the other cats in my home without any problems and she thinks nothing of sharing the food in the dog’s bowl with the dog. Not afraid, not aggressive.

She does still have a very playful streak in her. At times, all of sudden, you will see a small ball or something roll from under the couch or a chair or down the stairs, and in stealthy pursuit will be the little white Starry, pretending not to notice us.

Star is really a very sweet little girl that just wants to be fed and watered on time and get spoiled with some cookies and toys. She is not a cuddly cat and will not be held or sit on anyone’s lap, but she will sleep on the couch just out of reach. She would do well in a home with some other animals, preferably together with Fuzzy, and without small children. She has never scratched anybody, or even hissed, but she is pretty afraid of little ones and goes into hiding when they come to visit only to reappear once they have left. She has never tried to escape outside; will not even go near the door. But she loves being perched on her cat tower in front of the window and watch the outside world go by.

Starry is an independent little sweetheart and she truly deserves a wonderful forever home.

Click here to meet Star's friend, Fuzzy.

Star is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed rescue. The adoption donation is $165. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. Please fill out our Adoption Form if you are interested. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com

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