**Update on Cossie 1st June**

Cossie just finished her level 1 obedience class and did very well. She loves to go out with you in the car and can’t wait to get in. In her ideal world I think she would like someone who was able to take her with them. Cossie still has not got the house training down when we go out we are unsure whether this is due to a little separation anxiety or just that she does not understand that she is meant to wait until the human comes back to let her outside. To help with this we now crate her when we go out it's not her favourite thing but she will go in if you guide her and is sitting waiting quietly to be let out when we come home. She has it down 100% when we are at home you will ask to go out. We have discovered a harness she likes walking on and she did well with it in class and when we went to the vets for a visit the other day.

Cossie is such a sweet gentle soul and a joy to have around.


Cossie is a lovely sweet natured more mature lady at around age 8. She came to us from a rural pound. Cossie had a skin infection which is totally healed, and was very undernourished. She is a nice weight now and sure does love her food. Cossie has learnt to sit nicely for her food, however, sometimes prior to this she may do a little bounce of excitement when she forgets she should be sitting.

When she first came to the rescue she was up on the counters looking for food. She has learned that this is not the done thing, but still has the odd lapse when I am getting Kong’s ready to go out especially when I have some great smelling wet food.

We doubt she had ever been in a house until she came to the rescue. So she is doing very well at learning our rules.

Cossie had a little trouble getting her house training down she is 100% now when I am at home. But may still have the occasional accident when I go out. When we go out we can leave her with the run of the house and she does not touch anything she shouldn’t.

Cossie loves the sun and likes nothing better than finding a nice warm patch in the yard and just basking or she can be seen rolling around and occasionally tossing the tennis ball. She doesn’t like the rain but will go out in it if she has to. She lives with other dogs and is happy and relaxed around them, being a hound she would probably be happiest with another dog in the house. She will play chase but is not keen on wrestling play or over the top playing. She is very genteel with her telling of no just a little rumble from her and they understand.

When Cossie is in the house she is generally laying down quietly somewhere unless she hears rustling that could mean food or movement that means we are going for a walk. She walks OK on her gentle leader but we don’t walk on leash much as we have fully fenced acreage. She will need a fenced yard as like all hounds when her nose switches on her ears switch off. She is in a level 1 obedience class at the moment and is doing well and would probably do even better if her foster mom practiced with her more.

Cossie is very quiet for a hound she hardly barks and I have only heard the hound bay from her once the first time she saw the horse next door. Now she just watches him quietly. She could go to a home with a confident cat who won’t run but if the cat runs then Cossie will give chase.

When we are walking she is generally just running and following her nose. She does enjoy chasing the tennis ball but does not bring it back but will toss it about and run with it but happily give it up for you to throw it again.

Cossie is a sweet girl with a lovely nature everyone who has come to the house she has greeted calmly and quietly. She would probably do best in a quiet home. Could you be the forever home she is looking for?

Cossie is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue. The adoption donation is $400. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. Please fill out our Adoption Form if you are interested. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com

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