**After over 3 long years with our program, Flame's foster family has decided to make her part of their family forever. She will live with her 4 cat siblings and continue to enjoy a quiet home with a fenced yard in Kitchener. Congratulations!**

Flame is a very clever, eager to learn, 5 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross (born 2011), who came to us after spending far too long in a local shelter. She weighs approximately 85lbs.

She has definitely had some training in the past. She already knows many basic commands including sit, stay, lie down, come, and shake. She is smart and a fast learner, and has quickly picked up wait and down. She is easily trainable, and after only a day or two in her foster home, learned that upstairs and the basement were two places that she was not supposed to go. She is currently walked using a gentle leader, and is improving daily, learning not to pull and instead to walk beside her foster mom. Much to her disappointment, she has also learned that squirrels are sadly not for chasing while on walks.

She is very food motivated, and will do almost anything for a tasty treat. They are a great way to keep her attention and focus on walks and while playing. She can be trusted off leash in the yard, but would do best in a spacious, fenced in yard, as she is very prey driven, and wants to chase things that move quickly. She loves to run and play ball. She can be very goofy and loves splashing and playing with water from the hose. She not bothered by car rides. She likes to sit in the back and preferably hang her head out the window.

She is crate trained, and is crated without issue when her foster mom is away. She was crated at night as well for the first week, which except for some whimpering and the odd bark, she accepted well. However, she is now left to roam free at night, and can be trusted to behave herself. For the most part, she understands what is hers (toys, bed, etc.) and what is not. She does not go up on furniture unless invited (which given her size is not often). She currently lives with two cats, and while she is very interested in becoming friends with them, they do not share the sentiment, though at night everyone seems to get along just fine. Her foster mom is working on helping her learn to ignore them.

When she gets to know you, she is very friendly, trusting, and on the whole an enormous suck. However, due to the length of time that she was in the shelter, it takes her a little while to reach this point with new people. She is hesitant at first with newcomers, and when being introduced, it is best for the person to ignore her and not make eye contact for several minutes until she has had a chance to come to them and give them a good sniff. This lets her know that there is no reason to be alarmed and that they mean her no harm. It is important not to push her boundaries and try to pet her too soon. As a result, children cause her a great deal of stress, and it is necessary that she go to a home without them.

Introductions to other dogs should also be done very slowly. At this time, she needs help to learn how to meet and be comfortable with other dogs. It will no doubt come with time, once her confidence has been built back up, but currently it is recommended that she go to a home where she will be the only dog.

On the whole, Flame is an absolutely wonderful dog that deserves the chance to enjoy being the sweet, silly girl that she is. In the right home and with a little more training, she will make an extremely loyal and loving companion.

Flame is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue. The adoption donation is $375. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. Please fill out our Adoption Form if you are interested. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com

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