Jagger is a two year old border collie / husky cross. He is about 53 pounds which is normal for the boys of both breeds. He is a stunning looking dog with a creamy white short coat and red dappled ears. His eyes are toffee coloured and his nose is a red brown. Many people have commented on his build and stance. ‎He is house trained and loves his crate. He often puts himself to bed in it if we are up later.

Jagger has allergies and a forever home needs to be prepared to feed him the food he is eating currently called Forza 10 Intestinal found at Global Pet Foods for $88 a large bag.

Jagger is a really sweet dog. He loves meeting new people and children are his favourite. ‎He will quickly flip over for a belly rub given any incentive. He follows us around the house wanting to be included in anything going on. He has a truly goofy grin when he's happy. He loves to be petted.This extends to being brushed and having his nails clipped. When we are grooming his foster sister he comes running " brush me".

Jagger loves toys but is a typical puppy and must be watched with soft toys. He'll amaze you at how fast they can be taken apart. He loves his kongs, bionic throws and rubber sticks. He gets bored easily so rotating his toys is a good idea. Outside he plays with a soccer ball and chuck it ball learning to retrieve for a treat but has the typical husky attitude after a few throws of " if you lost it again it's not my problem ". His favourite game is taking his foster sister's toy and having her chase him. Perfect for both as she is a border collie and enjoys herding a white pretend sheep!‎ He's a bit too young for Frisbee but when given a chance to go after her's he stuns us with how high he can jump. He's fast and agile and would excel at dog sports.

Jagger tends more to his husky side. He's a very strong boy who wants to pull. He's been working on walking on leash but at this point will pull very hard on his gentle leader. A no pull harness is a joyful thing to his husky genes. He doesn't even notice it. He's a travelling boy and likes nothing better than to see new places. He was car sick at first but that's long gone and he enjoys car rides in his crate. Jagger is fascinated by water but doesn't want to be in it. Chugging around in our paddle boat was probably his favourite thing to do this summer.

Jagger is very smart and learns quickly. He's food motivated and enjoys training. He knows sit, down, wait, look at me, with me, turn and if course high five.

‎Jagger is dog reactive. He will bark and lunge if he sees a dog. Part of this is leash frustration as he will do this if there are people he wants to go meet. We have been working on this with a trainer but at this point we can only take him to places there are few dogs and only at a distance. He will need to continue working on this. He also has a very strong prey drive and is excited and will run after small animals. He wouldn't do well off leash or at a dog park. He's a bit behind in his training due to health issues but is doing well now and is back to working.

Jagger is an absolute sweetheart. He's a cuddly fun boy that would do well in a dog savvy home with a well fenced yard with people willing to provide the training that the high energy and northern breeds need. Older children would be great. He wouldn't do well with small animals.

He requires a fenced yard with no other pets and someone willing to work on his dog reactivity. Only adult homes with or without older children, fenced yards and no other pets should apply to adopt.

Jagger is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue. The adoption donation is $375. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. Please fill out our Adoption Form if you are interested. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com

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