**Daisy has been adopted to a family in Guelph where she'll be a dog with a job, helping to run a local gym! She's so excited! (March 2018)**

Daisy is a three-year-old St. Bernard who was surrendered when her family suffered a medical crisis and became unable to care for her. She's a friendly, affectionate sweetheart who charms everyone everywhere she goes!

Daisy is good with cats, dogs, and kids, though she sometimes lacks body awareness so she'd do best with older kids. She's very gentle and has no touch sensitivities, but she does lean with all of her 120 lb weight, and when she gets excited, sometimes she forgets where her back end is! She's working on self-control and calm waiting at her foster home, as well as asking before she leans for cuddles. She's very responsive to commands and knows to leave a room when asked and will sit, lie down, and shake a paw. She loves a belly rub!

Daisy is high energy outside and low energy inside. She's happy to sleep most of the day away as long as she gets a good walk or two during the day. Right now, she's going to work with her foster mom, walking for 45mins to an hour and a half each day with other dogs. Daisy is good with other dogs, though she does get excited, and some of her play is loud and a bit rough. She lives with another elderly dog who she is very loving with and respectful of. On the trail, she can be a bit pushy with dogs who want to play but backs off nicely when they say no thanks. Daisy is good in the car. Her recall is excellent, as long as it's regularly reinforced. She's a water baby!

Daisy is very obedient and wants to please her people, but she does require regular reminders of the rules as she tends to forget them when she gets excited. Daisy would do best with a family that is dedicated to providing structure for her and enforcing boundaries. She has had some mild anxiety that manifests as clinginess, though once she settles in, she is able to relax.

She has no current health concerns, though her hips are prone to soreness if she runs for more than an hour. Being a St. Bernard, she is also somewhat prone to ear infections, which are easily treated.

For a St. Bernard, Daisy is fairly low-drool, but there is still quite a bit of spit, mud, and fur to contend with! Daisy is not a particularly clean dog, but she makes up for it with her big heart! Her foster parents are utterly smitten with her; she's a real darling!

Daisy is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue. The adoption donation is $400. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. Please fill out our Adoption Form if you are interested. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com

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